Many customers will contract us to clean just the exteriors of their windows. Here are some tips for cleaning the interior panes.

If possible, clean your windows on a cool, cloudy day. The sun can wreak havoc with streaking on the glass because the heat can cause your solution to evaporate too quickly

Stay away from the traditional window cleaning products like Windex or other ammonia base products. Instead, using water mixed with a dish washing soap like Dawn is much more effective.

If you plan to use a squegee, a light touch will go a lot further than pressing firmly. Don't be surprised if you have to replace the rubber washing after cleaning as few as 150 panes. Maintaining a good edge is a major time savor

Never wipe in circles when using a towel or paper towels, all you're doing is pushing the dirt back on top of itself. Inside go left to right, outside go top to bottom. This way if there is a streak, you'll be able to tell if it's inside or outside.

Newspapers may have been the trend back in the 50's and you can still use them. If you want to take 5 times longer to clean your windows than necessary, by all means use newspaper.

There are many more tips. Feel free to ask. Remember, safety is the number one thing and probably the biggest reason why folks call the experts. We are more than happy to assist